It grows in most types of soil, if they … | All Products After backfilling and lightly compacting the 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost, give the Winter Gem Boxwood a good watering. A 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch is sufficient, but remember to take care not to cover any part of the stem of the plant with mulch. Step outside of the ball and into the box...try squares and rectangles for a showy look that will catch everyone's eye! For example, a one-gallon pot would be watered until you count to 5, a three-gallon pot would be 15, and so on. This plant likes well-drained soils but depending on the quality, you may need to add a locally sourced compost or topsoil. It is deer, rabbit, and pest resistant. Accent your deck, patio, porch, or entryway for a classy look. The older and diseased branches can be pruned to the ground. Fast-Growing, Carefree Evergreen Foliage Why Sprinter® Boxwood Shrubs? When shearing, trim in one direction and then go back and trim the opposite way so that it’s top line is smooth and has no dips. Before you buy a Winter Gem Boxwood Shrubs, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving. This shape will allow adequate light to reach the lower part of the shrub so the foliage will remain full all the way to the ground. Native to Japan, this Gem Boxwood is great for filling in small spaces, planting in mass, or growing as a hedge and clipped topiary shapes. Trees shipped fairly quick and plants arrived nicely packaged and bigger than expected. Plant multiple to create a sense of unity and repetition in your landscape (each sold individually). Planting Tree Company has never let me down. Cold Hardy, Versatile Evergreen Growth Why Wintergreen Boxwoods? 2410 N. Crain Hwy, BOWIE, Maryland, United States, © 2020 Garden Goods Direct. This boxwood is covered with lush, light green foliage that darkens as it ages. California Residents: This product can not be shipped to California at this time. This fresh new growth gradually deepens to a rich, dark green hue that is … Sprinter® Boxwood Buxus microphylla 'Bulthouse' Plant Patent #25,896. Winter Gem Boxwood - Live Plants Shipped 1 Foot Tall by DAS Farms by DAS Farms. Allow to grow into its more natural form for a filler or to cover up the unsightly base of house wall or fence line. Boxwoods have a tendency to become very dense, especially if it has been sheared over a long period of time. Sprinter Buxus Boxwood offers beautiful glossy foliage and easy to gro w as well as being a low maintenance evergreen plant. A compact shrub for growing as a hedge, a specimen plant or as a background for low-growing, colorful shrubs and perennials, 'Winter Gem' boxwood (Buxus microphylla var. Design by Unleaded.Digital, New growth emerges bright green changing to dark green and golden bronze in fall and winter. The leaves of this boxwood are petite and smooth. Depending on the quality of your existing soil you may need to add a locally sourced compost or topsoil. Price: $29.95 & FREE Shipping: This fits your . Size: 4' Tall X 4' Wide. Our family owned nursery takes great pride in the quality of each plant. However, watering during dry periods even in winter will keep your Boxwood at its best. Growth: Slow. Order yours today. 4.7 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. Winter Gem Japanese Boxwood is an evergreen shrub with small, glossy, rich … When creating a more condensed hedge, leave 2 to 3 feet of space. Define corners with a group of 3. $44.98 $ 44. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Transform your landscape with boxwoods. However, boxwoods often do not respond well to this. Use a Zip Code to find plants for that area. Can be grouped in a row for edging, informal hedge or partition in the garden. This small-leaved shrub features contrasting light green foliage that turns a copper hue in the winter months. Makes a wonderful addition to formal gardens, providing year-round interest. The foliage is a lighter green and the leaves a bit more rounded than is the case with the typical boxwood, but the Winter Gem is a very attractive plant. This boxwood is deer, rabbit, and pollution tolerant as well as pest and disease resistant! Literature describes this variety as possible the same plant as Winter … Another method is to prune over a two-year period. Trim for clean curves and sharp lines and angles. Fertilize in early spring with a balanced, slow release fertilizer to give your boxwood a boost. The Winter Gem Boxwood makes the ultimate low hedge. 4.3 out of 5 stars 14. Dark green oval-shaped leaves with compact growth habit, 2 feet to 3 feet high with 2 feet to 3 feet spread, makes this variety excellent for a small hedge. It grows just as well all the way into zone 9, so wherever you garden, you can use this plant. Exposure: Full sun to part shade. It is better to leave a one-inch gap of space between the mulch and the stem or trunk of the plant. Winter Gem Boxwoods grow in full sun to part shade. This boxwood is deer, rabbit, and pest resistant. The leaves of this boxwood are petite and smooth. Item Usage: Attractive hedge, border or accent plant. When you think about defining or separating areas in the garden this is the boxwood hedging … It's important to mention that Winter Gem Boxwood is deer, rabbit, pest, and disease resistant. Design Ideas This small rounded boxwood can be treated as a topiary form to create perfect spheres in the garden. Add 2-3 inches of mulch to help your new plants stay moist. The finely-textured, oval leaves are … Leave unpruned for a more natural look. Enjoy the look you want in a low maintenance plant! Feel Like a Master Gardener with these Easy-to-Grow Shrubs Leave unpruned for a natural look. Boxwoods are generally shaped into balls. The options are endless! Form: dense evergreen shrub, Hardy. However, boxwoods will perform best when watered once weekly during dry periods, including in winter. The Winter Gem Boxwood is an excellent evergreen shrub, particularly valued for topiary and hedges because of its tolerance of close shearing, small leaves, and scented foliage. The cold hardy Wintergreen Boxwood, also known as Korean Boxwood, is an incredibly versatile shrub. 98. Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla 'Winter Gem' Spacing: 3 To 5' Apart. The dark foliage keeps its color through summer and winter, uses modest water, and … This hardy Boxwood won't be in stock for long! Your input is very much appreciated. Deer and disease resistant shrub. Winter Gem will be approxmiately 8-10 inches in height upon purchase. Boxwoods are great for containers. Bred specifically to grow faster than comparable varieties, the Sprinter® Boxwood Shrub is an improved cultivar of the classic Winter Gem. A general rule of thumb is to count to 5 for every one gallon of pot size. It's adaptable to most soil types, and resists disease, pests and even deer! All pictures are of fully grown plants. The Baby Gem Boxwood will grow in full sun or partial shade. Evergreen shrub with small, glossy, medium green leaves that turn bronze-green in winter. Define corners with a group of 3. And unlike other boxwoods that sacrifice a tidy, polished appearance for fast growth, the Sprinter® Boxwood gives … Consistent Green Color without the Maintenance The Winter Gem keeps its color year-round... even in the dead of winter… Billowy, Pink Clouds Blur Your Landscape into an Impressionist Painting! Go formal. This not only can cause fungal diseases but also causes the leaves to grow just on the edges of the shrub. Will use again, Overall experience was great. Continue regular watering using the counting method for the first few weeks. Pruning early causes the shrub to become thicker at the bottom rather than being thin or open at the base. It adds appeal to casual or formal landscape designs, and when grouped, Wintergreen complements most any garden and looks fantastic in … For Boxwood Winter Gem as a hedge, begin pruning when the shrub is young rather than waiting several years until it has achieved a lot of growth. Winter Gem Boxwoods grow in full sun to part shade. Water deeply twice weekly when newly planted to help the roots grow properly. FREE Shipping. This method of pruning allows the center of the boxwood to receive light and air, improving the health of the shrub. When planting in a border garden, leave 3 to 4 feet between the boxwoods. Beloved for use in both front yard and backyard landscapes, Boxwoods are broad-leaved evergreen shrubs that remain green all year long. All of the new growth has turned yellow. Home Winter Gem Boxwood is a dense, low maintenance shrub. To maintain Winter Gem Boxwood in its most natural shape, thinning is the most appropriate way to prune for an informal look. Winter Gem is a very elegant evergreen with small, shiny leaves that remain on the plant year round. It can be propagated by hardwood cuttings, the seeds being sterile, but is most always purchased in pots. The Winter Gem Boxwood looks beautiful in small and large yards and urban and rural landscapes alike. The inside of the boxwood then turns brown where leaves have died due to a lack of light. Branches would be cut on one side of the plant the first year, followed by the other half the second year. It is drought tolerant once established, and can be pruned into almost any shape. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a plant being  completely  deer proof. The most common cause of plant death after transplanting is planting the new plant too deep. Native to Japan, this Gem Boxwood is great for filling in small spaces, planting in mass, or growing as a hedge and clipped topiary shapes. Sizes shipped are in the title and description. Sculpt your landscape with boxwoods! The best time would be mid- to late February before new growth starts. Its round shape makes it very versatile, looking natural wherever you plant it. Order online, and we will ship right to your door. japonica 'Wintergreen') - an easy Korean Boxwood plant to grow and love. The dark Foliage keeps its Small oval leaves have a light green color early in spring. No need to worry, this boxwood quickly regains its green coloration in spring. Water deeply twice weekly when newly planted to help the roots grow properly. The upright habit makes it great for edging and in formal gardens. It keeps its vivid green color, even during winter months when other Boxwoods can yellow. This classic easy-to-grow, hardy evergreen shrub is perfect for hedges, pruned specimen plants, container planting, and is easily clipped into a topiary ball, pyramid, and spiral shapes. Leaf … Browse products that can be shipped to California here. Zuiko Nishiki Winter Daphne odora - 1 Gallon Pot. Hardiness-20 To -10 Deg.F. For additional options, be sure to browse our Boxwood and Shrub collection. Winter Gem Boxwood for Sale Online Winter Gem Boxwood is one of the best boxwood options available for its low-maintenance and hardy nature. Use hand pruners or shears. IN STOCK (2) ... when you buy boxwood shrubs for sale online from Wilson Bros Gardens we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive … Winter Gem Japanese Boxwood is perhaps the best of those hardy forms, and it is the ideal way to build a boxwood hedge, or have clipped boxwood balls, if you live in colder places. Known for its ability to withstand the colder temperatures, this is an excellent option to keep your landscape looking lush all year round. Pink Muhly Grass Cold hardy Sweet intoxicating scent! 'Winter Gem’ Boxwood is noted too retain good green foliage in mild winters turning a golden bonze if winters are harsh. Additional prunings may be necessary in early to mid-summer, depending on the desired look … If renewal pruning is to be tried, it should be done in late winter or early spring, over a period of several years. How to Use Winter Gem Boxwood in the Landscape. To maintain desired size and shape, prune after boxwoods have completed their mainspring growth. First Hydrangea to bloom on both ... Introduction A Hydrangea VINE!!!! Shop undefined 2.25-Gallon Winter Gem Boxwood Foundation/Hedge Shrub in Pot (L3447) in the Shrubs department at Lowe' Buy Boxwood Sprinter® Online - Sprinter Boxwood Shrubs are an improved, fast growing Winter Gem Boxwood which fills in more quickly than other boxwood varieties. This Winter Gem is one of the first to green back up though. A look that is as unique as it is lovely White, Lacecap Flowers in Summer Transforms an old, ugly fence into a m... Pampas Grass Extremely Hardy Grass! The growth rate for Sprinter® is faster than almost any other boxwood. Substitutes: ‘Winter Gem’, ‘Green Beauty’, ‘Jim Stauffer’ Wintergreen Boxwood Growing and Maintenance Tips: ‘Wintergreen’ should be pruned each late winter or early spring to maintain desired shape. You should still be able to see the soil the plant was grown in after back-filling the hole. Thinning allows the leaves to grow along the entire branch, resulting in a fuller look. The Wintergreen Boxwood flourishes in growing zones 5-8. The most common cause of plant death after transplanting is planting the new plant too deep. Leave unpruned for a more natural look. Once it is dense enough at the base, pruning can be eased to prevent the death of the center leaves. We suggest digging a hole twice as wide as the root system but not deeper. Winter Gem Boxwood Growing Tips. Adding compost or topsoil will help the young feeder roots to spread through the loose, nutrient rich soil much easier. The dark foliage keeps its color through summer and winter. Growing in full sun or partial shade, this shrub is easy to care, Winter Gem Boxwood will fit in perfectly in your formal garden. Growing Winter Gem Japanese Boxwood Size and Appearance. Extremly Cold Hardy & Keeps its Deep Green Color All YearThe velvety green foliage and dense evergreen growth make the Winter Gem the classic hedge plant. Pruning can be done anytime of the year. Plant a single shrub or groups. Boxwood plants brought over from Amsterdam found a new home on Long Island, New York, in 1653, according to the American Boxwood Society. Join our mailing list today and GET $5 towards your first purchase of $50 or more. Dark green oval-shaped leaves with compact growth habit, 4 to 6 ft. tall and wide, makes this variety excellent for a small hedge. Easy to trim for clean curves and sharp lines and angles. This is a Boxwood that is unique for having more of an upright growth habit but staying mounded and compact. It may take several years for them to recover if they survive at all. They arrived very fast in perfect condition. Use it to define paths, add balance or differentiate spaces within your garden. You don't have to worry about prickly needles with this stunning shrub! However, it is best to avoid pruning in late fall as pruning will stimulate new growth that will be too tender to survive the freezing, winter temperatures. The low maintenance Winter Gem Boxwood will have your neighbors thinking you hired a professional! *some images are of mature trees and shrubs. This boxwood plant is often used in as a foundation or hedge planting. An improved, fast-growing form of Winter Gem, with lustrous evergreen foliage that has excellent hardiness and stays attractive year-round. Plant as an accent bush in a mixed bed or garden. The Winter Gem Boxwood … Sale Dwarf English Boxwood Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' starting at $9 ... Japanese Boxwood 'Winter Gem' Buxus microphylla japonica 'Winter Gem' starting at $7.50 .
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