The football game between Lausanne Collegiate School and Lipscomb Academy Nashville, scheduled for this Friday at 7 p.m. in Nashville, TN, has been canceled and will … Low 27F. Coincidently, CPA suffered its only loss of the season at Lipscomb Academy 20-14 on Oct. 23. November 6, 2020 St. George's vs. Lipscomb Academy. The postponed Air Force-Army football game at Michie Stadiuim has been rescheduled to December. Davidson Academy senior Griffin Swinea (1) is a DII-A Mr. Football finalist. Partly cloudy this evening, then becoming cloudy after midnight. BGA traveled to Lipscomb Academy tonight as both first-year coaches were looking to end the year on a win. Where does your school play their home games? So it’s creating a lot of confusion and angst among the parents who are paying top dollars to send their children to a Christian school. So that’s part of it. Both teams have their fair share of state titles in football. A former Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Dilfer was an analyst for a variety of ESPN programs. One topic discussed in those town halls as the Scene reported was the use of materials that discussed issues like racism and white privilege in school. Photo courtesy of Lipscomb Academy Many people may know Phil Dawson from his days as an NFL kicker. Background Photo “Lipscomb University Campus” by EVula. Phil Dawson. Expect coach Ron Crawford to make adjustments from the last meeting, especially since the Bruins have a full week to prepare. Listen online at iHeart Radio. They promote division. Swain: And it’s not just that. When they are preaching they say whatever they feel they need to say. You have affirmative offices and people and personnel that are following federal law when it comes to affirmative action. And when you bring in critical race theory, that is Marxism. Lipscomb Academy has a proud football history. He was selected twice to the All-State by Tennessee Football Coaches and … Coach Leitch has also coached football at Academy Force based out of New Life Academy and St Croix Prep. Thank you to everyone who has followed this column all season. That’s too good to be true. Leahy: Well, we have more things to talk about this morning than we have time to talk about. Siran Stacy. Football Recruiting / Tennessee / Nashville, TN / Lipscomb Academy Wondering where to start? But now that bunch – including QB Cade Law, RB/LB Langston Patterson, WR/LB Reid Williford and a host of others – is a year older and playing like it. We can’t judge whether or not he went beyond biblical scriptures, or what he said or how he said it because the video is not posted. Another thing that will be on the line in this rivalry will be the hardware. In any event, the whole debate is not about Brittney. Football on 11/6/2020. Founded in the 1890s or early 1900s. Meanwhile, senior QB Jared Vetetoe has been magnificent through the air, throwing for 2,425 yards, 29 TDs and just eight interceptions with a 63% completion percentage. WHY Lipscomb is going down this road at all, College or the Academy is a mystery. Class 1A: South Pittsburg over Fayetteville. Watch Lipscomb Academy Boys Varsity Football highlights and check out their schedule and roster on Hudl The Lipscomb Academy football program seeks every opportunity to Be Set Apart. The Maplewood transfer pairs with junior QB Luther Richesson (2,266 passing yards, 26 TDs) to give Lipscomb Academy a dynamic offensive attack. CALL. TSSAA football: Out of quarantine, ... White House players and coaches prepare for their game at Creek Wood Friday, October 16, 2020. It looked to me like the few Academy kids were supplemented in their protest by the college progressive lib students. It’s really about what a Christian institution is supposed to stand for and how far they can stray away from biblical principles. Nashville, TN @AcademyLipscomb Football History School History. Leahy: So here’s the relevant paragraph from the Nashville Scene article. Leahy: Your pals with John Rich aren’t you? Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – Leahy was joined in studio by all-star panelist Dr. Carol Swain to discuss David Lipscomb Academy’s stray from biblical principles. Jordan James (1,521 rushing yards and 20 TDs) and Antonio Patterson (1,065 rushing yards and 15 TDs) are the primary ball carriers, while Isaiah Horton (635 receiving yards, 7 TDs) is a big-play threat on the outside. Swain: I just believe that they don’t know what they’re doing or maybe they do know what they’re doing. PICK: Lipscomb Academy 24, CPA 17. 9. DII-A: USJ (11-2) vs. Davidson Academy (12-0) – Thursday at 3 p.m. Davidson Academy has a chance to enjoy a coming out party in what will be its final game in DII-A. St. George's: 3: Lipscomb Academy: 63: ... St. George's: 3: Predictions. And I’ll just read the article. 193 views 2:06 Tennessee: Kickoff Returns from Weekend of Oct 30th, 2020; 747 views 2:05 Tennessee: Big Time Touchdowns from Weekend of Nov 6th, 2020; 223 views 2:38 Recap: Lipscomb Academy vs. St. George's 2020; 123 views 2:32 Recap: Lipscomb Academy vs. Battle Ground Academy 2020; 183 views 0:45 Matchup: Lipscomb vs. Battle Ground Academy 2020 The Lipscomb Academy varsity football team has an away non-conference game @ Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN) on Thursday, December 3. His top two pass catchers – classmates Aidan Quinn and Kelvi Rice – have combined for 1,375 yards and 17 receiving scores. Swain: You know, John Rich is not in any way, his problem is not with this Brittney Pascal. Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response. Class 5A: Oak Ridge (11-3) at Summit (13-1) – Friday at 7 p.m. Led by defensive lineman Theron Gaines (103 total tackles, 22.5 tackles for loss), Oakland has surrendered just 9.5 points per game in the playoffs. Elizabeth Ashwood, a freshman international relations and French major, as well as member of the Lipscomb women’s soccer team, has recently spent time with students from Martin Luther King Jr. After opening the year with back-to-back losses to Brentwood Academy and Pope John Paul II, Lipscomb Academy has hit its stride in Trent Dilfer’s second season at the helm. Country musician John Rich was a prominent critic of those materials and also took issue with the hiring of Brittney Pascal, the academy’s first dean of intercultural development in an email to other parents. Trent Dilfer . 2016 Class 4A State Football Playoffs. Lipscomb Academy has three in 1994, 2002 and 2007. Brentwood WR Walker Merrill is a go-to option in the passing game when healthy. Swain: White oppressor. It wasn’t that long ago that if JPII pulled Brentwood Academy for the first round of the playoffs, a feeling of ‘ugh’ could be felt among the players, coaches and fans, but not anymore. Swain: Apparently, he offended a small number of LGBTQ students. Pascal is not mentioned by name in the email though her position is discussed under a section named diversity and intercultural development. Lipscomb set the tone early when Alex Broome returned the … Lipscomb Academy ... Who is the head football coach for your school? Class 6A: Oakland (14-0) vs. Brentwood (11-3) – Saturday at 7 p.m. And then they have a K-12 school David Lipscomb Academy. CC BY 3.0., Pope John Paul II Head Coach Justin Geisinger. Let’s hope the BlueCross Bowls can keep that momentum moving in the right direction. But now, the NFL kicking great helps the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs alongside fellow NFL alum, LA head coach Trent Dilfer, as the team's special teams coordinator. An article by Alejandro Ramirez. Leahy: We ought to get him on the program some time and talk about this a little bit. Donate. The Summit defense has also been solid and has allowed just 14.7 points per game. And I agree with the parents that that’s not really appropriate for a Christian institution because as Christians the Bible is very clear about that all identity should be in Christ. Summit QB Destin Wade has accounted for 34 total touchdowns this season. Trevin Dilfer, the son of new Lipscomb Academy football coach Trent Dilfer, died April 27, 2003, after an unidentified virus attacked his heart. And a … Tune in weekdays from 5:00 – 8:00 am to the Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy on Talk Radio 98.3 FM WLAC 1510. Football Coaching Staff Noah Dombrovski Head Varsity Football Coach (612) 888-7734 Ryan Wood Varsity Football Assistant Coach Eddie Crupper Varsity Football Assistant Coach Carlos Gee Varsity Football Assistant Coach Jake Wynia Varsity Football Assistant Coach Jack Behnke Varsity Football Assistant Coach Eric Welshons Head Middle School Football Coach … Lipscomb Academy invested heavily in Atavus this season to begin teaching shoulder-led tackling to all players in their system. CPA has four from 2000, 2002, 2014, and 2018. CPA will be looking to make it three titles in less than 10 years. Watch this highlight video. The Super Bowl winning quarterback believes that through this type of teaching, he can transform his program into one of the hardest hitting, most physical, yet safest group of football players in middle Tennessee. There’s been a statement from the board that they are reassigning two of the top leaders at the academy. Class 6A: Oakland (14-0) vs. Brentwood (11-3) – Saturday at 7 p.m. Oakland distanced itself as the superior team by dispatching Brentwood 37-0 on Oct. 2. Leahy: White privilege? Swain added that the real concern was that biblical principles were not being taught and were being substituted by a divisive curriculum and a new racial agenda. CPA, loaded with sophomores at the time, made an improbable run to last year’s state championship game after a 1-5 start and ultimately fell to Evangelical Christian. Whether we’re talking about the LGBTQ community and how higher institutions should respond. Quinn, who starts at tight end and linebacker, also paces the stout Bears defense with 81 total tackles and 20.5 tackles for loss. Watch this highlight video of the Lipscomb Academy (Nashville, TN) football team in its game Recap: Lipscomb Academy vs. Franklin County 2020 on Oct 16, 2020 All Seasons 2020 2019 2014 2008 2007 All Videos Game Team Recap Team Game Preview Scoreboard. Oak Ridge won’t be a pushover, though. Good morning Carol. Low 27F. The Mustangs got a hold of the momentum early on with a touchdown on first drive. Sorry William, this article might be over your head. The team played just six regular season games due to opponents having COVID-19 issues. So the email address’s feedback heard from parents in July, “Last Fall we became aware of concerns related to teaching and spiritual formation situations at the academy that to some did not seem to reflect our strong Christina commitment. The Mustangs made just enough plays to hang on, and with their quick-strike offense, they may be able to do the same in Cookeville. He did not to my knowledge say that it was a gay person. And now it’s seeped down into the academy. Coaches Resources. The game is now scheduled for Dec. 19 on Army’s home field. Leahy: This is a Christian university that thinks that they need an intercultural diversity officer? TOPICS: Lipscomb Academy McCallie School Tennessee high school football Tennessee high school football news Tennessee Top 10 Posted By: Jeff Fisher November 19, 2020 McCallie is back in the High School Football America Tennessee Top 10 at No. Preview Game. Casey Farris currently the associate head for advancement and alumni relations will serve as interim head of school. (stadium/gym names): Associations. I find it difficult to understand how the overseers of Christian institutions can delude themselves into abandoning the very foundation of the founders of these schools. The Lipscomb Academy football team is in rebuilding mode after going 3-19 over the last two seasons, but that did nothing to curb Dilfer’s enthusiasm for the job. It was a male pedophile. Evaluate Clay Campbell's football recruiting profile. And that caused the university to issue a statement saying that he had been invited to speak about one thing and that he had basically disrespected the students by bringing that into his sermon. “The board and administration reiterated its commitment to the Academy’s new diversity and intercultural development initiative.”. The Lipscomb Academy Mustangs thwarted the host Battle Ground Academy Wildcats football team by a count of 21-7 in Friday's league outing.. With the win, Lipscomb Academy upgrades its record to 8-2 on the season. Scott Tillman has resigned as head football coach at Lipscomb Academy after leading the program the last six seasons. In his college days, Dawson went to the University of Texas where he went undrafted. More than 100 Tennessee high school football seniors are set for one last chance to showcase their skills to college recruiters next month. The Patriots doesn’t necessarily need to play great defense since the offense averages 41 points per game, but they do anyway. I wanted to sort of change the topic to something that you have been following and brought to my attention about what’s going on at David Lipscomb University and Academy. Dawson paid close attention to Lipscomb Academy's success in 2019 when the Mustangs reached the Division II-AA semifinals. Nashville Mayor John Cooper and his senior advisor allegedly misled the public and never intended to reveal the actual number... Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC, Country musician John Rich was a prominent critic, ICE Is Requiring ‘Sanctuary’ Authorities Provide Warrants Before Transferring Custody of Illegal Alien. Which one will come out on top? Only Christ centered. Super Bowl champion quarterback Trent Dilfer — who was under center for the Baltimore Ravens’ 34-7 2001 rout of the New York Giants — kicked off his era as Lipscomb Academy head coach with a 66-8 throttling of the visiting Glencliff Colts. Former Vanderbilt and Princeton professor and native of Virginia, Carol Swain. Lipscomb Academy and CPA meet in the Division II-AA BlueCross Bowl at 11 a.m. Thursday in a rematch of Lipscomb Academy's 20-14 win over the Lions on Oct. 23. Six Nashville-area programs – Brentwood, CPA, Davidson Academy, Lipscomb Academy, Oakland and Summit – will battle for state titles this week at Tennessee Tech’s Tucker Stadium, where attendance will be capped at one-third capacity to allow for social distancing. Those instances caused questions about the larger direction of the school and it’s the historical commitment of educating young people in the context of an intentional biblical world view.” What do you make of this Carol? Sudden Cardiac Arrest Concussion in Sports FCA Coaches Ministry First Aid (first-year coaches only) Fundamentals of Coaching (first-year coaches only) Heat Illness Prevention. The country music guy. Swain: The University. Nashville, Tennessee ... Head Football Coach at Lipscomb Academy United States. Details Bracket Printable Bracket Tweet. I’ll just read this. Tennessee High School Football - Battle Ground Academy succumbs to Lipscomb Academy October 30, 2020: Franklin, TN 37069. They are pushing the way of the world and not what you would expect from a Christian organization. They have shown that this season from Week 1 and have not disappointed since. The two-time defending state champion Bears, who currently hold a 23-game winning streak, are moving up to DII-AA in 2021. Winds light and variable. They really push non-biblical principles. There’s a case to be made for both. It’s a Christian school here in Nashville. Leahy: So there were some snowflakes at David Lipscomb University who have shall we say left wing views that didn’t like what he said? Oakland RB Jordan James (2) fights off a Maryville defender on Nov. 27. And the whole diversity regime. And Lipscomb has even gone further. Keaten returned last week to record a sack in a 35-21 win at Henry County. These two have left little doubt that they are the best teams in DII-AA. Coach Van Vleet, who leads the strength and conditioning program, will be instrumental in working with the assistant football coaches and the football players on their spring semester strength and conditioning plans,” Lipscomb Academy Head of School Greg Glenn said. 866-495-5172 Already a member? Swain: Well I think that they didn’t address the bigger problem and that’s whether or not a Christina academy should be following the way of the world like every institution has affirmative action officers. Winds light and variable.. It was moved from its customary spot on the first Saturday in November because of COVID-19 issues at the Air Force Academy. Lipscomb is currently ranked No. Lipscomb Academy Nashville, TN Follow. The game is now scheduled for Dec. 19 on Army's home field. All three players are juniors, meaning Oakland could find itself in a similar position next season. During the second segment, Leahy and Swain discussed Lipscomb University’s faculty changes in response to the outcry by parents from David Lipscomb’s K-12 academy claiming that it has deviated from its Christian principles. Expect a similar result here as the Bears try to send off their decorated senior class with another championship. 2020 Football schedule for the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs from Nashville, TN He was selected to the Knoxville News-Sentinel's Top 20 Prospects in Tennessee list following his 2008 season in high school. Tournament Overview. 2020 Football roster for the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs from Nashville, TN In Other Sports. This sounds like the path that Baylor University in Waco, Texas – once a Southern Baptist standard bearer – went down several years ago. Matt Lech Football Coaching and Operations Intern at Lipscomb Academy Nashville, Tennessee, United States 500+ connections Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can follow Lipscomb Academy as they take on Christ Presbyterian Academy and the rest of the field in the 2020 Tennessee High School Football Playoff Brackets: TSSAA - Division II Class AA tournament. Coincidently, CPA suffered its only loss of the season at Lipscomb Academy 20-14 on Oct. 23. Following playoff wins over Beech and Henry County the last two weeks, the answer is clear: Summit is the best Class 5A team in the Midstate and has earned a second chance to prove itself to the rest of Tennessee. The minority of victimization. The Mustangs made just enough plays to hang on, and with their quick-strike offense, they may be able to do the same in Cookeville. White oppressor. CPA junior Langston Patterson (10) walks into the end zone for a touchdown against Lipscomb Academy on Oct. 23. Watch this highlight video of the Concordia Academy (Roseville, MN) football team in its game Matchup: Concordia Academy vs. Minneapolis Roosevelt 2020 on Oct 15, 2020 All Seasons 2020 2015 2014 2008 All Videos Game Team Game Preview Have they decided to no longer be a true Christian entity? It’s not about race. And they also cause division between and among the children because the children who are not racialized the most part they’re just going about doing their lives. Lipscomb Academy is making its first championship game appearance since former coach Glenn McCadams led the Mustangs won the 2007 Class 3A state championship. To the surprise of many in the middle Tennessee prep football community, former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer was named head coach of Lipscomb Academy’s football team last year. If he has one more magical performance left, now would be the time to deliver it. You mean Lipscomb is finally moving leftward and abandoning doctrinaire rightism? It was about how good. All of a sudden they’re being taught in a way or indoctrinated so that they look at their classmates differently. Swain: He’s the president of Lipscomb University. Pellicani spent five year on the coaching staff at Lipscomb University where he helped lead the program to NCAA Div I post season play twice. The Mustangs have outscored their last 10 opponents 438-71. And the whole situation now with the academy is that parents became concerned when the university hired an intercultural diversity officer. They don’t promote unity. Positive Coaching Alliance. They’re supposed to be led by the spirit. In his first season, he lead the Mustangs to a 5-5 record and an appearance in the Division II Class AA semifinal game where they ultimately lost to rival CPA 24-7. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback has been an analyst for a variety of ESPN programs. But the university responded. On Tuesday night, Lipscomb Academy told parents via email that the head of school will be stepping down. NFL veteran quarterback Trent Dilfer has been named head coach of Lipscomb Academy’s football program. The Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association has announced rosters for the East-West All-Star Combine to be held Wednesday, Dec. 9 at Oakland High School. 3901 Granny White Pike Nashville, TN 37204 Davidson County Enrollment: 453 Grand Division: Middle Then again, that’s what the Patriots have been doing all season regardless of their opponent. Watch Lipscomb Academy Boys Varsity Football highlights and check out their schedule and roster on Hudl Currently Trent Dilfer is the Head Football Coach at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, TN. Sunday, January 26, 2020 ... Congratulations to the team and coaches for their dedication, hard work, tenacity and spectacular sportsmanship- we are proud of you! And I want to make it clear. We both attended Lipscomb University. You have permission to edit this article. 877-845-6272. Our Davidson Co. And for people who have studied Marxism, it has no place in a Christian institution. It wouldn’t have been possible without hat tricks from Alex Broome and Justin Hughes. He attended Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. The Mustangs play at … The regular season game came together just two days in advance after both teams lost their original opponents to COVID-19 issues. Greg Glenn who has been the head of schools since 2014 has decided to “conclude” his tenure as head of school and join the advancement office of the affiliated Lipscomb University. Davidson Academy already beat USJ 31-9 on Oct. 9. A coach like no other, Trent Dilfer is building a program at Lipscomb Academy that is very much unlike most high school football teams. Kreager's pick: CPA 24, Lipscomb Academy 21. Football Recruiting / Tennessee / Nashville, TN / Lipscomb Academy Wondering where to start? And I would say, for the most part, their agendas are very divisive. And he gave a sermon in the chapel recently and apparently in the course of that sermon he offended some students because obviously the University is not posting the video, so we can’t watch it for ourselves. The question with Summit was never whether they were good. Here's a look at other NFL players who have become high school coaches. The Mustangs handed the Lions their only loss, 20-14, on Oct. 23. And I think that started with Randall Lowery. To their credit, they hired a spiritual formation coach recently. November 23, 2020 Presented By The home of Tennessee High School Football coverage -- news, schedules, scores, and more -- with publisher Chad Withrow from 104.5 The Zone. Bring our listeners up to speed on what’s happening there. They both later lived in Texas. The way that the offices are trained. Learn how this Lipscomb Academy student is connecting with coaches in TN and nationwide. Lipscomb Academy football coach Trent Dilfer, an Aptos High alum, embraces one of his players. Partly cloudy this evening, then becoming cloudy after midnight. Davidson Academy’s success starts with establishing the run with Mr. Football finalist Griffin Swinea (1,634 rushing yards and 30 TDs on 132 carries). OK. Box Score, The Lipscomb Academy varsity football team won Friday's home non-conference game against Page (Franklin, TN) by a score of 41-0. Swain: First off, the University has moved in the politically correct leftist direction for a long time. Subscribe. The email also states that Lisa Bruce, the current associate head of school for academics, has been invited to a position at Lipscomb University’s College of Education. Even 17-time state champion Maryville struggled in a 49-7 beatdown at Oakland last week. Last season, Lipscomb went 7-6 with a state semifinal appearance. So there’s a college here David Lipscomb. The postponed Air Force-Army football game at Michie Stadiuim has been rescheduled to December. 877-845-6272. A few of those teams helped my picks bounce back last week. Mike Singletary resigned from his position as the football coach at Trinity Christian Academy in Texas after going 1-21. Learn about Lipscomb Academy football recruits in Nashville. If that means rightest as well, then so be it. But the left has racialized the whole thing. They’re going politically correct on us, Carol. You would be so blessed to comprehend this fact yourself. "It's an amazing feeling what coach Dilfer and the coaches here have been able to create in two years," said Lipscomb Academy quarterback Luther Richesson, who threw for 126 yards and an 8 … Glenn McCadams is one of the legendary coaches in the state of Tennessee. Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer is joining Lipscomb Academy, a Tennessee high school, as its head football coach. Knoxville Central crushed the Spartans’ title hopes in the 2019 BlueCross Bowl. The Auburn baseball signee has compiled a 31-9 record as the starting signal caller, including eight playoff wins. The CPA offense also does its part by scoring nearly 36 points an outing. Learn about Lipscomb Academy football recruits in Nashville. You made no selection. Follow high school football and the Lausanne vs. Lipscomb Academy game on They were concerned about assignments that children were being given pushing the critical race theory. The Lions defense has allowed just 14.7 points per game thanks in part to the play of the highly recruited Patterson, who leads the team with 70 total stops and 18 tackles for loss. That kind of stuff? He then was an assistant coach in the college realm for the University of Minnesota Crookston as well as St. Olaf College. Lipscomb Academy Athletics For up to date information on the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs. Trent Dilfer grew up the son of a football coach. The Wildcats, who last won a state championship in 1991, eliminated Knoxville West in the quarterfinals and South Doyle in the semifinals to extend their winning streak to nine games. Offensive Line Coach Lipscomb Academy High School Mar 2019 - Jun 2020 1 year 4 months. When Dilfer, who is a member of the NFL’s Legends Youth Advisory Committee, took over the program, the Mustangs had only won a total of three games in 2017 and 2018. Questions? Leahy: We are joined this morning by our friend and all-star panelist. The scary part? NFL veteran Trent Dilfer has Lipscomb Academy in the DII-AA state title game in just his second season as head coach. Running back Alex Broome (27 total TDs) has been a huge shot in the arm since being declared eligible by the TSSAA in early September. Will Temple: Middle School Head Coach; Isaac Eubanks: Middle School Special Teams Assistant; John Green: MS Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator; Sam Johnson: MS Offensive Line/Co-Offensive Coordinator; Micheal Lillicrap: 5th/6th Head Coach; Siran … Keep up with all the latest news about the Tennessee Titans! The three-star prospect has accounted for 2,684 yards of offense and 34 total touchdowns, often dishing the ball to playmakers like Caleb Jolley, Brandon King and Brady Pierce or hitting the holes himself. He became one on Friday when Lipscomb Academy named the former Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback and … And it’s about the deviation from biblical principles. Early years. Welcome to the most important three days of Tennessee high school football, pandemic style. ... (615)-966-5925 (615)-966-5925: Daniel Harris: Director of Basketball Operations (615) 966-6479 (615) 966-6479: Will Ness: Athletic Trainer
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