Thermistor disconnected/not present. Mode Shifter. This fault is set if the system perceives the lid to be both OPEN and LOCKED for 5 consecutive seconds. Check Motor. See START-UP SEQUENCE in the Safety Instructions section. Gift Guide. Door Lock Assembly Problems. Lid Monitor. This occurs when the washer is not reaching the target speed within a defined time limit for the load type selected. Overload Power. GE recommends the use of High Efficiency detergents such as in your energy efficient washer. Check Motor or Motor windings. One of the most popular models from the GE LISR series is the GE LISR310 washer. Unplug the washer and reconnect any loose wiring connections to the drive motor. Dry load sense times out and moves to the next part of the cycle selected. Dispenser timeout. Door Lock Assembly Problems. The relay makes a click sound when activated. Inverter over temperature. Thermistor Open. 2. Will not lock or unlock or is locked while lid is opened. Check water temperature sensor - t07. Several options will change other options to maximize washer performance. The lid must be raised a minimum of 2″ ensure the magnetic connection on the lid is interrupted. Wash water too cold or low home water pressure. Lost communication between control and drive motor. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator with Keurig® Brewing System Stainless Steel -PYE22PYNFS. GE Manuals; Washer; GTW460ASJWW; GE GTW460ASJWW Manuals Manuals and User Guides for GE GTW460ASJWW. It powers on fine but the wash 'mode' is stuck in 'normal' (… read more Make sure siphon caps are free of debris and fully pressed into position. The motor will speed up incrementally during the spin cycle. $5,899.00 MSRP. Step 2. Fill timeout -No fill/slow fill. Drive/Control Interface system. Lid Logic Failure. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Power down (unplug) washer, wait 30 seconds and retry - if reoccurs, replace inverter. Water volume into the tub exceeded 41 gallons as calculated by the control. Heatsink Over Temp. Slow drain: 1. Drain timeout. Remove and clean tray if clogging occurs. Internal problem with UI or MC board. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. But Repair Clinic has news for you: That repair technician is you. For other models of GE washing machines, a pause in a … Title. Motor Comm Interface. Basket moves or rotates freely. Flood protect drain. Switch failure occurs during unlock. GE® Universal Wool Dryer Balls – 3 Pack. Software error occurs - checksum failure. SKU. Could mean the motor isn’t rotating or Control didn’t get the signal because of lack of connection. WX10X312 $ 7.00 2 PK - Stainless Steel 4 ft Hoses. Water Temperature Sensor Problem. Flood Warning Level by Gallons. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE GTW330ASKWW washing machine. Check wiring and connections between door lock. Depending on the characteristics of each load, a user has a chance to choose any of three wash/spin speeds, four load sizes, and four temperatures. Water temperature sensor shorted. Switch failure occurs during wake-up. Check Motor - t10 tumble, t11 spin, T13 spin. Communication error occurs. Fill time exceeds 8 minutes. And you'll do it according to your schedule. When spin is complete, it will coast until it stops. Overfl ow level was reached. It assumes there is a pressure leak, a clog in the pressure hose/system delaying the increase in pressure, or a significant amount water leaking out. Lock blockage 2. UI State Time-out. Inverter operation above design limits. Ft. 14-Cycle Top-Loading Washer - White On White It is a top-loading washing machine with the maximum load capacity of 7.5 kg. Motor speed lost. 1. Voltage output must be present. Water temperature sensor open. Select a warmer wash temperature if possible to improve dissolving of detergent or use liquid detergent. Appliance. WX17X10001CA $ 28.00 Check drive motor - t10 tumble, t11 spin, t13 spin. Out of Balance (OOB) during Dry Load Sense. No speed feedback. No one tests washing machines like we do. If the washer was stopped before the cycle was complete. Motor will coast down. Checksum failure. Open Circuit. PYE22PYNFS. COMPARE NOW . Consultez gratuitement le manuel de GTW460ASJWW de GE ou posez votre question à d'autres propriétaires de GTW460ASJWW de GE. Could mean water did get that high due to briefly stuck water valve. Check dispenser - t12. Non-recoverable error. Select to COMPARE. Could mean the switch didn’t close or control didn’t get the signal because of lack of connection.
2020 ge washer gtw460asjww diagnostic mode