The choke lever is also housed behind a protective sleeve to help protect it from damage. You would have to be a hedge trimming beast to need more runtime in a day. It’s an easy to use trimmer with industrial strength. It’s our hope that this will make your buying decision easier. If most of the areas you’re trimming are edges or exposed areas this model will do a great job. This is what STIHL Cordless Hedge Trimmer achieves with its powerful performance. It’s cordless and there are no emissions to worry about. This trimmer is really meant for small yards or small finishing jobs. The FS 240 weighs in at 15.2 lbs and that’s why it has a two handled bicycle handle design that makes it easier to manage. The 16-inch cutting area is the largest tested. Although the charge doesn’t last an extremely long time, you will be able to use it normally up until the charge runs out. Buy the Stihl HSA 56 hedge trimmer on Amazon. The latter option is a bit awkward though, so we don’t really recommend it. This is an impressive machine with a 40-volt battery for extra power. Both are good trimmers – it’s just that the STIHL trimmer has a lot more cutting power. Both have their good qualities, but in our experience As you might expect with all that power, it does weigh a little more than standard trimmers. Powerful battery hedge trimmers for professional results on all types of hedge. What are the tools in the Stihl Compact Cordless Power System like to use? STIHL has a reputation for being a top-quality manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and it’s a reputation that’s well earned. You won’t get much more than 20 minutes of work done on one charge and that will be a non-starter for some. The FS 40 C-E is ideal for the homeowner with a small to medium sized lawn. It has a safety lock on the handle and the battery is top loading, with a neutral locking position. For the environmentally conscious consumer this one may pose a bit of a problem. The Stihl Leaf Blower is one of the most popular tools the Stihl Company produces. This trimmer has a curved shaft design which can make it a little easier to maneuver, although it doesn’t make it easy to get into tight spaces. It really doesn’t have any. In this article, we’re going to look at a few different options from their gas powered, battery-operated, and electric trimmers. This trimmer has all of the standard features that other STIHL models come with, including the ability to start on the first pull. The STIHL trimmer may cost a little more, but it has the same reputation for durability as more expensive trimmers in the STIHL line. It cuts a respectable 13-inch path which makes for quick work of most weed problems and it’s comparable to the FSA 90 R. As far as battery life is concerned this one does okay. That’s where STIHL shines even in this entry-level gas trimmer category. We’ve divided our reviews into three different categories: gas powered, battery powered, and electric powered string trimmers. On the plus side, this is likely to be one of the lightest trimmers you’ll ever use. They might not have thought of everything, but they’ve come close. The gas tank is a decent size at 25 ounces, but you may have to fill it a couple of times for large jobs. The level of quality with this Remington trimmer is what you would expect from an entry-level trimmer. They make it easier to get under STIHL Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews The best thing about cordless hedge trimmers is that they function quietly and effectively without arising any movement restrictions. The drive shaft also has built-in vibration protection which also makes it more comfortable to use. What you do get with this trimmer is cordless freedom and a clean conscience. If you want to plow through weeds with ease it’s the machine you’ve been looking for. A very light cordless hedge trimmer with good cutting performance for trimming branches in your home's outdoor spaces. Both machines start at the push of a button and both do need an available outlet nearby for power. Good cordless hedge trimmers start at around $120 , though the models that rival gas-powered machines are likely to cost $200 or more. Compared to professional trimmers the FS 56 RC-E is still relatively lightweight. Typical … This trimmer has a straight shaft design which makes it easier to reach into confined spaces and it’s long enough to extend your reach considerably. If you have a small yard than an electric model can easily cover than that’s a good green friendly option as well. The FS 40 C-E has a slightly smaller deck. STIHL battery grass trimmers are great for school grounds, hospitals and other noise-sensitive areas. These extremely comfortable cordless trimmers with mowing head, direct drive and large cutting radius offer outstanding trimming power for greater efficiency, mobility and silent operation. This really isn’t a close contest. With so little to choose between the two, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing either one of these products. Yardening Pulse a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program. Ryobi OHT1851R. You won’t have to worry about waking of the family or the neighbors if you decide you want to do a little trimming early on a Saturday morning. They may cost a little more, but they are worth every penny. This model also comes equipped with STIHL’s standard adjustable handle which can be adjusted up and down or rotated up to 360 degrees to make it more comfortable to handle. You don’t have to recharge a battery or refill the gas tank. It will last somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on how you use it. The FS 56 RC-E definitely fits the bill. That it was for people that didn’t understand engines. These features do make it a little larger than the entry-level models though – it does weigh in at about 10.6 lbs. Let’s just say I’ve come close to taking out my wife’s favorite flowers on occasion! Tackle your hedges with the Stihl HSA 45 cordless trimmer We have been impressed by Stihl’s battery-powered gardening equipment before.
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