Conically shaped trees are the easiest to work into a spiral shape. of a young tree helps to bring the crown and roots into balance. DIY Spiral Topiary . If the plant does not have enough foliage to create a spiral shape, initially cut it into a cone to enable the growth to thicken. Blue Pfitzer Juniper (Spiral) Great topiary plant used widely; sheared into ‘spiral’ shapes in this photograph. Substitute the conifer with artificial cedar or cypress picks for an indoor topiary display. the blue-green foliage of this topiary holds up well even during the coldest of winters. Conifers (pine trees) are plants that bear cones, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you're nervous about cutting into a large, pricey plant, create a smaller topiary first. Look at the way the plant is branched to determine the shape of the spiral. Gain confidence by observing similar topiaries at local garden centers or public gardens. However, although their spiral patterns may appear complex, spiral topiaries can be created easily by anyone who has access to a few simple supplies. Our Blue Point Juniper Spiral Topiary Trees are pre-trimmed and grown into an interesting spiral shape. It is important, therefore, that the property owner make well-informed pruning decisions. How to shape a conifer into a spiral With a little bit of time and effort, your conifers can be cut into a much more interesting shape. In addition, trees should be maintained to protect homes, power lines, and neighboring plants. Aug 15, 2019 - How to create a spiral topiary: Save money by learning how to create your own spiral topiary and provide your garden with a focal point that you can be proud of. Conifer shrubs can be short, medium or tall with a more rounded shape, or they can be low ground-cover types like “Blue Rug” junipers. Your garden will look all the more interesting with some funky conifers going on. Silver-blue foliage. Best when grown in full sun. You may find it easier to initially sketch a line in the foliage with the sheers, or use a … Conifer trees have only one main “leader” or trunk that extends all the way to the top. Locate the central leader of the tree, making it the top of your cone. Spiral topiaries can be large (6 feet or more) or small (just 8 x 10 inches). Most of the conifers usually transformed into spirals begin with a conelike shape. Cut a thin line out of your conifer tree using your pruning shears, following the line of your string and cutting away from the foliage directly beneath. A young tree can be trained into a desired shape or form, within certain limitations. Fast growth to 10 ft. tall x 10 ft. wide. Conifers are trees and shrubs that have needle-type leaves and produce cones instead of flowers. Follow the below steps and illustrations to make a spiral topiary for outdoor gardening. This evergreen adds a whimsical feel to the garden or landscape.
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