Besides the weather, you’ll be able to choose when to go based on activities available and famous festivals that will round out your holiday. Make sure you know the best time to visit Spain based on tourist trends, weather, and the fun happenings of this crazy cool country. This time of the year is when fall turns to winter and the weather will change accordingly. During this event, you’ll get to experience Spanish culture from long ago and spot Madrileños in their traditional dress! Like most European cities, Spain is pretty well connected via bus and trains. Enjoy sightseeing and sitting outside enjoying a coffee in the city square, or hit the hiking trails to see spring budding in Spanish nature. There’s also a huge music festival in Madrid called Festimad during which you get a different concert every night! ), 35 Amazing Things to Do in Barcelona That You Can’t Miss, Awesome Things to Do in Toledo, Spain for Any Traveler, Bungee Jump in Barcelona Review: The Epic Thrill of Bridge Jumping. If you prefer horses, you can watch races on the beach in Sanlucar de Barrameda at this other annual event. Click here to compare car rental prices. These months are known as the off-season. Tons of locals leave the country during the summer to escape the Spanish heat (and tourists), or head to the coastal beaches to cool off. All of this goes to say that the best time to visit Spain is based on personal preference and what you’re looking to get out of your trip. This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. The best time to visit Spain is during the spring months of March to May or during the autumn between September and November. No matter when you go, you’re sure to fall in love with this magnificent country but just remember… avoid peak season if possible! Spring is an especially good time to visit as it’s often warm enough to hit the beach, and there are tons of festivals and events going on that shouldn’t be missed! The best time of year to visit Spain is during the spring months of April to May or during autumn between September to November. You’ll fall head over heels for Spain when you see how absolutely spectacular the country is during the spring. Advertising Disclaimer: Adventure in You Pte LTD is not a part of or Facebook Inc. Additionally, Adventure in You Pte LTD is not endorsed by Facebook, Inc. in any way. There are a number of local festivals in Spain in May, usually celebrating each area's local traditions and customs, including the Festival de San Isidro in Madrid and the Feria de Patios and Feria de las Cruces in Cordoba. Smaller cities and towns might be more low-key or mostly shut down during the holidays. Highlights: Beginning of spring | Not too crowded yet | Good time for hiking, Festivals: Las Fallas | Sant Medir | Semana Santa. Click to find out more about us and how we've turned this travel blog into a business. in Madrid, an international photo exhibition that’s the largest in the country. Weather is still getting colder with the inland cities (typically the coldest) only reaching the low 50s during the day. The end of peak season, and officially the end of summer, but Spain remains hot pretty much through the end of the month. A lot of locals, especially people from the inland cities, actually leave the country or head to the coast to escape the heat. It’s unique, totally Spanish, and an event that can’t be missed. When it comes to tourism, peak season in Spain is during the sun-kissed, Most of the popular events in Spain happen during the spring and summer, such as, To help you decide when is the best time to visit Spain, here’s a breakdown of what goes on in the country month by month. Trust us, it’s one of those things you don’t want to leave home without. Speaking of wine, in the La Rioja region every September, there’s the. The low season in Spain, in our opinion, is the best time to visit. October is the best time to head to inland cities like Madrid and Salamanca as they’re finally cool enough from the summer, but not as cold as they get in the heart of winter. Because the weather is decent (but still might not be suitable for the beach yet), schools are still in session, and it's not yet peak season for tourists, this is a good time to check out local attractions in whatever city you're visiting, such as museums, cultural centers, cathedrals, etc. No, you’re not dreaming… April is definitely one of the best months to visit Spain! It’s held in Bunol on the last Wednesday in August, so mark your calendars! which is celebrated with events, parades, flower “wars”, and patio contests for residents to show off the finest of spring on their doorsteps! However, no matter when you visit Spain, you won’t be disappointed. Cooler conditions in summer make this region of northern Spain quite comfortable; walkers are advised to take note if looking for the best time to go. Highlights: Best beach weather | Basque country is best | La Tomatina. The months of July and August are prime tourist season across Spain, and this is easy to see in the cost of hotel rooms and holiday apartments. If you’re looking for a little bit of active fun, June is also the best time to head to. If that’s not enough, hotels and accommodation are typically less expensive in January because there isn’t much demand. You could also go in fall (between September and October) when the sun is still shining, the weather is warm, and many of the crowds have dispersed. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is! There are several beverage tastings held across the country, such as International Sherry Week in Jerez, Feast of the Orujo in Potes, and the San Andres Festival on the island of Tenerife. When it comes to tourism, peak season in Spain is during the sun-kissed summer months. In April, people in Andalusia start heading to the beach and restaurant terraces slowly fill up with eager diners ready for a taste of spring on the patio. | Full hours of operation | Lots of festivals and events, San Fermin | Sanlucar de Barrameda | Benicassim Festival, It’s also the hottest time of the year, so most locals in the inland cities make their way to the coast for some sea breezes and ocean views. Spring is especially fun if you're hoping to hit some of Spain's biggest festivals, most notably the somber but spectacular processions of Holy Week (Semana Santa), and Seville's April Fair (which occasionally takes place in May). Check out our Europe Packing List guide to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. The warm weather also brings fun festivals, like the. Check out our list of top Spain festivals for more information. It’s also the hottest time of the year, so most locals in the inland cities make their way to the coast for some sea breezes and ocean views. Get tickets in advance because the lineup is always fantastic! You can also comfortably enjoy activities like, paragliding, a hot air balloon tour or even some water sports, What the month of May is probably best known for is the beginning of, . The most famous is probably La Tomatina, which is basically a giant tomato fight among thousands of people. Flamenco fanatics — February is for you! October is also an ideal time to go hiking as you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the fall foliage along the trails. February is still pretty quiet in Spain with decently cold temperatures, especially in Madrid and other northern cities like Bilbao and Galicia. To help you decide when is the best time to visit Spain, here’s a breakdown of what goes on in the country month by month. You don’t want to miss out. which is a week of music, dancing, fun and of course, endless amounts of wine to celebrate the local harvest. Here's some information to help you in your decision: 1. Madrid hosts the Madrid Open, the country's largest tennis tournament. Hey there! In terms of events, October is home to the. You can also hit the beaches on the other end of peak season between the end of August until October. which is famous for residents taking to the streets with their Tamborrada drumming! There’s also. The Best Time to Visit Spain . See a more complete list of events by month below. During these times, you’ll have pleasant weather, way less crowds, decent prices, and plenty to do! Think lively spirits, colorful lights, and widespread celebrations wherever you go. and the Jazz Festival in Madrid that draws people in from all across the world. Airbnb Travel Tip: If you prefer to stay in apartments, we recommend Airbnb. As mentioned, the weather during these months is desirable, with way lesser crowds and decent hotel prices. Spain really is the land of wonders, with endless amounts of surprises in store for those who visit. You may find a lot of things closed during these extended weekends. Intimately enjoy museums before the tour groups roll in, and hit the hiking trails before it gets blisteringly hot. The tradition here is to eat 12 grapes, one for each chime, to welcome the New Year! You can go back to visiting inland places like Madrid and Cordoba, as well as wandering around other central cities without feeling as if you’re going to melt.
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