About ICRIIS 2019


“Empowering Digital Innovation”

The rapid and continuous growth of information and communication technology (ICT) has changed the way society and businesses communicate and operate. In 1980’s, people and businesses used computers for typing purposes and data processing. Once, the Internet is opened to public in early 1990’s, people and businesses started using email as communication channel, searching information via website, chatting through online forum, and do transactions in the virtual world. Later on, wireless and mobile technologies are used widely which is has led to performing transactions remotely and promoting the use of hand-held devices.

It is very clear that ICT gives direct impact to the individual user, society as well as businesses. The impact also varies which may include the way those parties communicate, doing transactions, and conducting businesses. Information Systems (IS) is related to the field of computer science, business, and management which is focusing on approach and impact of ICT to the individual, society and businesses.

Following previous successes of ICRIIS in 2015 and 2017 which was participated by more than 100 participants,  the Information & Service Systems Innovation Research Group, UTM is once again will organize the 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ICRIIS) in 2019 in the Johor Bahru.

The theme for ICRIIS 2019 is Empowering Digital Innovation” which is aligned with the growth of 4th Industrial Revolution which emphasis on research impact on the individual, society, and business.