About ICRIIS-META 2023

In the intelligent digital era, innovation transcends disciplinary boundaries and requires cross-disciplinary collaboration to benefit organizations and society as a whole. Recognizing this, the International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Accounting (ICRIIS-META) has been at the forefront of integrating these fields since its inception in 2009. This year, ICRIIS-META 2023 continues this tradition by focusing on the theme of “Digital Inclusion Through Inclusive Innovation.

The conference aims to promote cross-disciplinary and inclusive research and innovation. ICRIIS-META 2023 invites researchers to contribute articles that explore the value of co-creation and harmonious collaboration across fields such as information systems, marketing and entrepreneurship, technology management, accounting, and finance. The goal is to foster inclusive innovation that leverages digital inclusion to benefit customers and stakeholders.

ICRIIS-META 2023 provides a platform for researchers, academicians, industry professionals, and policymakers to share their research results, progress, and insights in the context of inclusive innovation and digital inclusion. The conference will feature keynote speeches and paper presentation, enabling participants to engage in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities.

By embracing the ethos of inclusive innovation and digital inclusion, ICRIIS-META 2023 aims to advance knowledge and practices in digital services, marketing, accounting, and finance. The integration of diverse disciplines will unlock new possibilities for organizations and society, fostering collaboration and driving positive change in the intelligent digital era.

The conference will be held from 25-26 October 2023 (Wednesday – Thursday) at Residensi UTMKL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All submitted articles will undergo a rigorous review process by experts in the respective fields of research. Accepted articles will be published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH IN BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (IJ-ARBSS), ensuring wider dissemination and visibility for the research outcomes.

Join us at ICRIIS-META 2023 to be part of a dynamic gathering of researchers and professionals, as we explore the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration and inclusive innovation to achieve digital inclusion and create a better future for all.