He saw some PG images I sent which seemed “lovey” and that infuriated him

He saw some PG images I sent which seemed “lovey” and that infuriated him

I truly believe you can’t love someone and cheat on them

I had every intention to have the conversation with my husband after we returned from our trip and I had a chance to explain myself properly since I hate keeping secrets and suck at it.

My friend and I continued to text over the next few days but we’ve never really had “full convos” rather random comments that rarely require a response. My husband read through the messages and misunderstood so much of it. He’s upset that I didn’t shut it down and instead fueled it. I understand. I know I did wrong but it was nice to actually hear someone tell me they loved me (my husband isn’t verbally or physically expressive of emotions). I should also mention that my friend has no interest in a relationship and was merely sharing his feelings as I think they may have been there for some time. My spouse is ill and often times can’t even stand being touched.

Everything I read in this article makes logical sense, I hope that my spouse can see that as well and I hope that we can use this as an opportunity to make things better. I love my spouse more than anyone in the world and losing him will destroy me, but I would also understand him if he chose to walk away from me. Relationships need to be nurtured by both parties, not just one.

I cheated on a person I loved and still love a lot. He is the love of my life I always thought

It’s not possible…..if you full loved someone…you would put your selfish needs below the pain that you cause your SO. Ask yourself this question…. If someone presented you with an ideal fantasy affair partner…..literally dropped them off at your doorstep….but the catch was that you WILL get caught after the fact and your wife/husband will find out and be hurt. You would say yes to this? If you say yes….you don’t love them If you say no…..it’s because you know beforehand you will get caught or you truly love your partner and wouldnt want to hurt them over your selfish needs.

Exactly. Everyone has difficulties in marriage, which should be worked out. Talk to each other and express yourselves. There is absolutely NO excuse for cheating. None whatsoever. Relationships are to build each other, not tear one another apart.

It took me and this man a year to have physical sex , but before that, it was love without judgment which my husband wasn’t giving me

Not all affairs are superficial. My husband and I got married very young, 20, had kids right away , didn’t date anyone before that. We are great friends but I realized in my marriage over the years that he had a temper. I dealt with it, but told him at least three times over the years that I wasn’t happy. I met someone at 45 years old who I https://kissbrides.com/pt-pt/chinalovecupid-recensao/ felt finally understood me. I told my husband about him. I told my husband I was going to cheat on him. I told him the truth before anything happened. I never imagined I would do it. But I needed to feel loved. I had been so lonely for so long. I don’t mean sex, I mean support. Just saying that something drives the cheater to do this, and so often it’s neglect. And that’s not to say I didn’t beg for it for years. I was honest in my feeling for neglect for a long time.

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