We have awarded Friend Finder our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 34 Online Dating Sites

We have awarded Friend Finder our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 34 Online Dating Sites

Friend Finder Reviews

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Friend Finder Review

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FriendFinder isn’t just for finding buddies. It can be, of course, but its primary function is to help you find a special someone. The site has a lot of features worth exploring, including chat rooms, message boards, blog posts and an exclusive magazine. There’s plenty to do, then, and a real sense of community. The more you get involved the more you’re get from your experiences on the site and the more people you’re likely to meet.

FriendFinder doesn’t sit alone, it’s part of a network of websites which share information. The most famous site in the FriendFinder Network is probably Adult Friend Finder, an adult dating site with a staggering 24 million members! It’s easy to tell the difference between FriendFinder and AdultFriendFinder: one involves more clothes. Other websites that are part of the network include Passion, Asian FriendFinder, French FriendFinder, German FriendFinder, Senior FriendFinder and many more dating sites targeted towards various niche markets. However, FriendFinder is the original and still the best of these. Being part of a larger network means that the possible number of members available to you is massive.

A particularly noteworthy feature of FriendFinder is the ability for non-paying members to contact you when you pay an additional fee. This is very useful because all too often on a dating site you’ll pay the membership fee but then anyone who isn’t a paying member won’t be able to get in touch with you. This way you can say “hi” to the new members before anyone else and they’ll be able to get back to you without any issues. First come, first served. You can also pay a small fee to have your profile highlighted, which means that you will appear ahead of the pack in search rankings and will feature on more pages, therefore drawing more people to your page. All subscriptions can be easily managed through your account interface, meaning you won’t be easily stung with a bill that you intended to cancel but couldn’t quite work out how.

So why doesn’t FriendFinder get full marks? Well, although this site isn’t difficult to navigate it certainly isn’t the easiest site to get around. There are quite a lot of random bits of writing and a few too many hyperlinks which look a bit amateurish at times. The FAQ section answers most of the questions you will have but requires a more sophisticated filtering system to help you find what you want more quickly. Membership isn’t cheap, but it is good value over all. That said you do need to consider which package is best for you and whether or not you’ll want the optional paid extras. It can become a bit more than you think with all of these factors added together. Essentially there are sites out there which do a similar job, better in some areas, for the same money or less.

But as a romantic, we’re sure you’re not just interested in money. These sites often depend on whether or not there are people on them who seem to strike your fancy. We would recommend signing up and performing a few searches. See if there are people on the site who you think will be interesting to talk to, who might push your buttons and who might want to be in the sort of relationship you are looking for. If so then why go elsewhere? Equally there are plenty of fish elsewhere and it’s a good idea to check more than one site before you decide to make the monetary plunge. But there’s nothing to lose from trying and who knows where it will lead you.

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